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Advantages of Online Learning

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Online Learning is an excellent modern alternative for traditional learning and becomes more and more popular in companies: 90% of companies now offer a form of online learning, while they were only 4% in 1995 Should you put your training programs on the page or can you wait a little? Before replacing traditional learning with e-learning, be sure to consider its advantages and disadvantages.

Cost Reduction

Online learning is a distance learning form that takes place on the Internet. It is also known as e-learning. Online learning may include training, examinations, playful quizzes and certified training. The most obvious benefit of online learning is that it feels good at the portfolio. A half-day of classical training is as effective as an hour of training in e-learning. E-learning increases productivity. For more information, click this 

In 2019, expenditures for training needs in the United States amounted to $ 83 billion! On this sum, 29.6 billion corresponded to transportation expenses, rental of training rooms, internal development and equipment needed. Online learning reduces a lot of these fees because it reduces the costs of hiring an instructor, booking rooms, printing documents and travel expenses.

More flexibility and practicality

A medium-time employee can not spend more than 1% of his time learning Employees often have the greatest difficulty in casing a continuing education program in their work overloaded. A survey of 204 employees showed that 93 of them felt that the lack of time was one of the main reasons why they refused or were unable to follow training in its entirety. 56 others indicated that this disrupted their work. A full-time employee can not spend more than 1% of his time on learning. It's only 24 minutes a week! Online learning allows your employees to learn when their schedule allows them. In addition, it takes a lot less time than a classic face-to-face learning.