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Bulgaria: A state suspecting conspiracy

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In a country where the population does not have freedom, and their rights are violated, only conspiracies happen. The government remains unmoved by the riots of the population. There is no longer any doubt that this suits him.

The Bulgarian people under tension

Whether in the streets, in the words of journalists, hosts, on TV or radio, on the internet, people are under control. You can click here for more information. The government hires people to monitor itself. This leads to a situation of hatred in these places where people address each other with abusive words. For example, sportsmen who can't stand environmentalists who forbid them to play in winter. Likewise, businesses that hate environmentalists who are against the construction of a second elevator. And the landowners who chase away the campers who live on their properties for free without paying rent. In general, the city is under tension. However, the Bulgarian state does not worry about it anymore. It prefers to simply monitor the adipose fights.

Legitimacy is a source of conflict

The legal side has something to do with these conflicts in Bulgarian. As a result of the recently issued analysis reports, he deduced that the adoption of laws by a third party marginalizing the rest is the cause of conspiracy conflicts between compatriots. The conspiracy is perceived at every turn and in every corner. So much so that the tension has exploded recently and led to the blocking of roads on the Orlov Most. This has been going on for a few days now after it was forbidden to camp on the Durankulak beach in Rezovo. To make matters worse, a fine is now imposed which varies from 10 to 1000 levs. While for the population these clauses were not in the legal articles. In fact, the government does not respond to any of the concerns of the population about the new restrictions. It remains strangely unperturbed. This is not at all worthy and acceptable of a leader.