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Do you know about visitax ?

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The state of Mexico welcomes millions of tourists every year. Indeed, the beauty of some places in this country is a great asset. Recently, the government has introduced a tax that must be paid by tourists leaving the country. If you haven't heard about this reform yet, you will have more details in this article. 

The new tax to revolutionize tourism 

A visit to this page will give you more details about the visitax cancun. For a destination to remain attractive and to compete with the competition, it is necessary to constantly renovate. But the tragedy is that these operations are excessively expensive because the work is so extensive.

The State of the country is in the obligation to introduce taxes to amortize a minimum of the expenses. It is in this logic that the governors of Mexico are registered. The collected funds will be used to improve the existing infrastructures.

In this way, the conditions of the tourists will be improved. So don't think that your money will be taken for nothing. Within a few years, you should see the tremendous work that is being done. 

Where and how to pay the tax ? 

So that you don't have to worry about paying the tax, the government has thought of everything. Ticket offices have been installed in airports and in some centers, but the waiting lines that these agencies will generate will be enormous. 

To avoid this problem, a web platform has been set up. If you need to pay the visitax fee you will have to go to this site and properly fill in the form that will be provided to you. Then you will pay the actual fees with your credit card. 

When the payment is validated, a confirmation email containing your electronic receipt will be sent to you. You will be able to present this receipt along with your identification when the agents check you out. If you wish, you can opt for a paper version of the said document. It is recommended to do so.