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Ethiopian and Eritrea Are Partners in Crime and Guilty of War Crime

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The nations of Ethiopia and Eritrea have a long history. It is the kind of history that has resulted in tension and caused the loss of lives. However, these administrations seem to have set aside their differences for a terrible cause. This is considering how they have taken undue advantage of the situation in Tigray.

How Eritrea Military Are Guilty of War Crimes

In describing the devastating situation in Tigray, a human rights advocate stated that “anyone who has seen war will never want one. This is because long after the war is called off, the dust takes longer to settle. The situation in Tigray is a typical example as Eritrean Military officials are guilty of perpetuating Crimes against humanity”.

The story behind this claim is that the Eritrean forces supporting the Ethiopian ones have taken advantage of the unrest in Tigray. They have been reported to go on killing sprees and raping women.

Although the Ethiopian and Eritrean military denies such, information gathered from Amnesty International and other sources proves otherwise. For instance, satellite images show trucks carrying Eritrean troops to this territory on the reported date of the incident.

This is in addition to eyewitness accounts of survivors who are mourning the loss of loved ones and the hardship caused by the situation.

What’s the Problem with Tigray?

The location of Tigray is a unique part of the Ethiopian nation. It is such that they are different linguistically and culturally. In light of several events, the location has made plans to become an independent nation.

In the bid to do that, it has had militia groups form government binding on the people. As stated by the Ethiopian prime minister, an airstrike was ordered to combat this situation. But more than this, it is becoming evident that Eritrean forces were brought in by the Ethiopian government to increase tension mounted in the region. This has led to various forms of human rights abuse perpetrated in the region.

Many residents of the location are imploring the administrators to get the Eritrean forces off the location.