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Fittings: Components and their functions

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Faucets are components in the field of sanitary or pipeline technology, which serve to shut off and control fluids. Their main function is to close off the pipe so that the medium (e.g. water or gas) can no longer flow. Fittings include the tap, but also thermostats, valves, slide valves and non-return valves.

Mixer tap

With the mixing valve (two-handle tap), the hot and cold water flow rates are regulated independently of each other by two handles. As the water temperature has to be adjusted each time, unused water consumption is high with this type of tap. The mixer is available as a washbasin, shower, bathtub and bidet fitting, in exposed or concealed versions. They are available as a space-saving single-hole version or as a spacious three-hole version. For more information, read this article source.


The thermostat is a system consisting of two control units: one to control the temperature, the other to regulate the flow. It ensures a constant temperature and flow rate, thus ensuring economical energy and water consumption. Bath and shower thermostats are available as surface-mounted or concealed versions. Thermostats with integrated hot water blocking, which can be blocked at 38 degrees, also guarantee protection against scalding.

Bathtub spout and bathtub edge tap

For the bathtub, the bathtub spout can be combined with a mixing valve, a mixer or a thermostat. The bathtub spout and the fitting can be mounted on the wall as a surface-mounted or concealed fitting or on the edge of the bathtub as a bathtub edge fitting. It is available as a two-, three- or four-hole fitting. For free-standing bathtubs, there are also column fittings that are installed next to the bathtub on the floor.