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How do I install my pool pump?

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Without a pump, you can neither fill your pool with water nor drain it. That is why you have to install it. The pump ensures the circulation of water in the hydraulic circuit of the pool. Its installation depends on the construction of the pool. In the following lines, here is how to proceed with the installation of the pump of your pool.

Know the components of the pump and the tools to install it

. Before proceeding with the installation of your pool pump, you must first know its components and the tools essential for its installation. Indeed, inside the pool pump, you have an impeller that facilitates the movement of water and a motor that ensures to put the water in motion. This motor also ensures the circulation of the water. For more information, browse around this site. Pool pumps usually have two ports: the first is attached to the suction valves and the second is connected to the filtration system. For the hydraulic circuit, you need rigid PVC pipes with a diameter of 50 or 63 mm. These hoses connect the pump to each device in the system. Depending on the shape of your pump, you will need valves, bends and elbows. There are often 3 valves, one for the skimmers, one for the bottom drain and one for the brush intake. To cut these pipes you need a pencil, a rag, a measuring tape, a saw, sandpaper, tape and blue glue. The pump also requires, two union fittings, two lag bolts in accordance with the pump support to the lock washers.

The installation of the pool pump

Before moving on to the installation of the pump, you will find a suitable location. However, the pump and filtration system should not be far from the pool basin. When they are close to the pool, filtration is more efficient and reduces water and electrical load losses on the hydraulic system. Thus, the pump should be close to the pool, at most 3.5 metres away. This distance also complies with the electrical standard. Finally, in order to install the pump successfully, you should consult and follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully. Step by step, you will succeed with the installation.