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How do you secure your pet dog in the car?

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In cars, people wear seat belts to stay safe, but should pets do the same? It is essential to protect them with a collar, such as a car seat throughout transportation. Find out in this article how dog car seats can help keep your pet safe.

What is a dog car seat?

In the event of an accident, an unrestrained dog can become a force to be reckoned with. So there are a variety of procedures to protect your dog during a road trip, from straps that essentially interface with your car's seatbelt to seats that are promoted during travel. If you want to bring your dog in the car. Studies show that a 37 kg dog becomes a 1,089 kg flying projectile in an accident at up to 49 km/h. So strap your canine companion in for his protection and the well-being of others!

Choosing your dog's restraint system

There are three basic systems puppy owners can use to restrain their dog in a vehicle:

- Dog harnesses with seat belts: one of the most well-known techniques for controlling your dog during a vehicle experience is to add a bridle that fits into your car's seat belts. For some models, you simply pass the vehicle's seatbelt through a clasp on the dog's back and hook it on.

- Dog Seats and Booster Seats: Another option is molded container "seats" that connect to your vehicle's seats and seat belts, giving your four-legged friend a distinctive place to sit during the trip.

- Car crates: A car crate may be the most comfortable choice for your pup. In the event of a mishap, first responders can surely recognize a crate and remove him unexpectedly from the car.

This systèmes will help you.