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How does a Messenger chatbot work ?

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In the current era, automation is the credo of any company. Thus, to manage the numerous messages that are overwhelming them, the arrival of the conversational agent still called chatbot seems to be welcome. Today, everyone is using it, from individuals to companies. How does it really work? This is a question we will try to answer here.

Chatbots based on decision trees

These chatbots are less complex to build and have a low cost. They are predefined and programmed a complex sequence or not. They work via widgets and button options. This calls for creativity and allows you to structure your text well thanks to its predefined option.  It has an educational and entertaining side and remains very useful. This has made it very popular with businesses. 
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Chatbots using keywords

The principle of operation does not differ from that of decision trees. Here, everything depends on the keywords. Here, the approach is much more reciprocal. It is no longer a one-sided discussion that partly engages the chatbot, but rather a discussion where both actors interact.  The customer is free to talk about any topic that suits him/her and the chatbot will handle the customer's request thanks to keyword recognition.

Context-based chatbots

If the other chatbots use a mode of operation that are their own, this one uses a mode that is its own. Indeed, this one uses artificial intelligence (AI) and its subset of machine learning, to conduct independent conversations oriented by a good strategy.
Thus, certain settings are required to make the conversation resemble a human conversation. The creation of a conversation flow, the feeding of the chat database...
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It is therefore important for any company to have a chatbot