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How to improve your intelligence?

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You may ask yourself if it is possible to increase your intelligence. Yes it is possible, but how do you go about it?  This small guide will allow you to better apprehend the thing.

Know that there are many forms of intelligence

For a long time, we have been subjected to the dictatorship of the sacrosanct IQ or accuracy tests, which are reductive because they only focus on one form of intelligence. You can find a reference here.  But there are many forms of intelligence: knowledge intelligence, of course, but also emotional intelligence, relational intelligence, mathematical intelligence, etc. There are several tests on the Internet that you can take that will help you understand what you are doing. There are several tests on the Internet to help you determine which form of intelligence you are most gifted in: use them and work on the areas in which you have the most difficulty.

Improve your knowledge

Increasing your intelligence is all about acquiring knowledge. And to do this, you must be willing to invest time and attention. Enjoying yourself and giving your best is the secret to learning quickly. When you set aside time to read, do it as best you can: turn off the television, music or computer in the background. Another ingredient for success is motivation. To get the cycle started, start by taking an interest in the topics that interest you.

Make sure you understand the information

To increase your concentration and motivation, you need to go through the understanding phase. With abstract concepts, this is not always easy. Don't hesitate to turn them into visual images that appeal to you in order to master them. Take the example of freedom: an arrow coming out of a square, a prisoner breaking free from a chain or the Statue of Liberty are images that can give you a clear idea of the concept.

Use your knowledge regularly

Knowledge is like a car battery: it only discharges when you don't use it. So don't hesitate to use it at every opportunity and in every form. Use lessons to process and communicate what you have learned, or play with abstract concepts and the images they evoke to create new images. In short, be innovative!