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How to protect your business against DDoS attacks ?

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In this age of technological revolution and Internet population boom, distributed denial of service attacks have become very common. However, there are effective ways to counter these attacks. How to protect yourself against DDoS attacks? This article will outline the different ways to protect a company's computer system against DDoS attacks.

How does a DDoS attack occur?

A DDoS attack is a computer attack that is very popular with hackers because of its simplicity. KoDDos is a paid hosting service designed to mitigate these DDos attacks. These attacks usually come from many sources. Denial of service occurs when server bandwidth is overloaded or when system resources are stretched to the limit. Denial of service is becoming more and more common today due to the exponential increase in the number of Internet users on the web.

Is it possible to protect your company against DDoS attacks?

It is possible to implement certain technical and organisational measures to protect your company against DDoS attacks. We will present a few alternatives to best carry out these protections.

Use of a firewall

A firewall system can help you protect your company against DDoS attacks. This computer equipment has the role of reducing the influx of source IP addresses to the server. With the right configurations, your server may not be overloaded and can better resist these attacks.

Monitoring of the information system

The monitoring of the information system allows you to be alerted if unusual or suspicious activities are triggered on your information system. Following the alert, you can immediately take appropriate measures with your IT service provider to neutralise these DDoS attacks.

Monitoring the computer network

It is very important that the company's IT network is under permanent control. Strict access management can help control the computer system. This includes two-factor identification and restricting access to certain URLs. This will allow you to control the entry and exit of your system as much as possible.

As a business owner, you must take great care to ensure the security of your information system. You should therefore take preventive measures to protect your data against DDoS attacks from outside.