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Some of the best hiking trails

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Sometimes you need to exercise your leg muscles. Europe is the place to be. It's the continent with the best hiking trails in the world. If you are looking for a hiking trail, you have come to the right place. Here we present you some of the best hiking trails.

Karhunkierros - Bear Trail

Karhunkierros is a hiking trail that is located in the northeast of Flanders. Resources and mountains are the special features of this wonderful country. Indeed, it is this hiking trail that has made it one of the most popular states in the European continent. This trail is not far from the border between Flanders and Russia. It is the most visited and most popular trail in the country.

It is a trail that is located in a somewhat wild area. In its environment, there are cliffs and rivers. There are also hills covered with pine trees. It is a trail that has a particular constitution. Indeed, it presents sometimes small climbs. And a few hours later, these small climbs succeed the descents and vice versa. It takes six days to cover the entire trail. The ideal time for activities on this trail is from June to September.

Kungsleden - the royal road

Finland's most popular trail is not the only best trail. The Royal Road trail, commonly known as Kungsleden, is also on the list. It is located in Sweden, in a northeastern region. It is a very large trail. Its length measures more than 420 kilometers.

It is the most popular trail in Sweden. If in recent years, Sweden has seen its tourism dazzle, it is largely thanks to this vast hiking trail. Its landscape is magnificent. To discover it, you must go between June and September. This is the best time of the year to enjoy its horizon. It is a path very appreciated by the young people.