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The domestic cat : pet much appreciated by Humais

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Several million domestic cats roam homes in Europe, and are independent, headstrong, intelligent, unique and know how to wrap their people around their velvet paws. For our part, we are excited about their beauty, elegance and individuality. A harmonious relationship between the cat and the man is characterized by a special kind of respect and trust. Their closeness makes them the favorite animals of many people. When the cat decides to show affection to a person, this is a great honor. Why did the cat become very close to humans ? This article allows us to learn more.

How did the cat go from mouse catcher to sofa tiger ?

The transition from farm animals living in rural areas, to people's house mates took place relatively late in the industrial revolution. Previously, domestic cats could only be found as shareholders in more elegant households. Learn more and discover it here. When cats moved into the living rooms, the first systematic breeding of purebred cats also appeared. Since the cat belatedly moved from roommate, who independently coped with her task, to pet, she has retained her largely independent nature to this day. It is precisely this wild animal nature, combined with affection for its owner, which can never be forced, that makes cats so fascinating to humans.

What are the benefits of living together between humans and cats today ?

Cats in the household increase the quality of life. Effects such as reducing stress or lowering high blood pressure in the presence of cats have been scientifically proven. Cats have proven themselves as velvety therapists, among other things in working with autistic children and people with depressive diseases or personality disorders. Today, cats are no longer full-time mouse catchers, but rather are assets as animal experts for social coexistence.