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What are the most beautiful cities in Argentina ?

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Generally, we only talk about the beauty of Europe and Asia. We tend to forget about America, which remains a great continent. The American continent has been visited a lot in recent years. This is not surprising given the large countries that make it up, such as Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and also Argentina. The latter country has several beautiful cities. What are the most beautiful cities in Argentina? This is what you will discover in the following lines. 

La Plata

One of the most beautiful cities in Argentina is La Plata. It is the most visited city by tourists. In fact, many tourists spend days in La Plata. You can go to this weblink to find out more about this wonderful city. The reason why this city is so popular is that it is not far from the country's capital. It is located to the south-east of the capital, called Buenos Aires. It is a city full of monuments. Indeed, one cannot count the number of hotels that are functional there. There is especially the city hall, which is a must for many people to walk around. Next to the town hall, the large Catholic church of the Immaculate Conception can be found in La Plata. The architecture of this church is neo-Gothic. This is what really impresses tourists. There is also the Museum of Natural Sciences, which is very rich in heritage. This museum is the materialization of a good part of the natural history of Argentina. 


La Plata is not the only big and beautiful city in Argentina. Apart from it there are plenty of other cities such as Ushuaia. It is a very impressive city because of the beauty of the houses there. Indeed, it is the closest city to the Beagle Channel. If you are a tourist, you will not be short of accommodation, as there are plenty of hotels and also lodgings that you can use to spend your holiday happily. This city is also home to the Tierra del Fuego National Park. It is because of the richness of the wildlife in this park that many people prefer to spend their holidays in this city than in other cities.